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Picture of Pubudu Kawshalya
Important Notice for Final Year Students
by Pubudu Kawshalya - Monday, 18 July 2016, 02:29 PM
Organizational Behavior - BACC 41432

Online Quiz is opened from 17.07.2016, 12.00 noon  to 19.07.2016, 6.00 p.m.

Picture of Prabath Perera
Important Notice for Third Year Students
by Prabath Perera - Tuesday, 28 June 2016, 11:57 PM

Important Notice for Third Year Students

Career prospects in Accounting 2016

 Information to the students

Date: Tuesday, 05th July, 2016

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

 Location: Auditorium (From 9.00am to 12 noon), MBA Lecture halls (from 1.00pm to 5.00pm)


The career Prospects in Accounting 2016 is one day event that will host over 25 Local and Global companies in the University of Kelaniya. Companies attending this event will have full time and internship positions available. All the third year students of the faculty of Commerce and Management Studies are invited to attend.


Who can attend the career fair?

 Registered students of all departments of the Faculty of CMS are invited to attend.


What should I bring to the career fair?

Your Student ID, Copies of your resume, Any supplemental materials you deem necessary in landing that job


What should I wear to the career fair?

You may consider wearing "business professional" or "business casual attire" depending on the industry you are interested in pursuing.


 How can I prepare for the career fair?

Make a list of the organizations you're interested in and research them. Visit their websites, prepare questions to ask, take note of what positions they are looking to fill. Your preparation is a sure way to stand out from the crowd!



Dr. D K Yapa Abeywardhana (PhD,UK), 

Senior Lecturer,

Coordinator, Internship in Accounting,

Department of Accountancy,

University of Kelaniya,

 Sri Lanka.

Picture of Prabath Perera
Important Notice for Third Year Students
by Prabath Perera - Friday, 24 June 2016, 01:38 PM

Important Notice for Third Year Students

Dear Students,

Next week lecture schedule for following subjects.

Course Unit

Date and Time

BACC 31323 - Management Science Applications


27th June, at 1.00pm – 4.00pm

BACC 31382 - Data Modeling and Databases for Business Intelligence

01st July, at 3.00pm – 5.00pm



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